After all the hugging and kissing and fingering, we all knew it would come to this as Ada Berverly Osu becomes the first Nigerian to have sex in the BBA.

Peep the video below after jump..


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  1. way to go Bev of life…its what yuh wanted, no ind anybody, I'm proud of u. Atleast yuh did wat u wanted not pretend and use a dildo like Karen did.

  2. and you this blog whore, I read youe comments here everytime, you're just another faceless bitch, always supporting eveil and wrong deeds, I'm sure your parents didn't bring u up right. fool!

    • Do my comments hurt you dat much bitch? Oh I never knew. You must be some freaky slut who's father raped wen she was a kid. I guessed right huh? Better sit tight and be ready to get urself pissed on as I enjoy this blog bitch!

  3. This blog whore u are as stupi and useless like a piece of shit!!always supporting evil..ashawo oshi!! Pls go get a life bitch


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