Queen Jasmine Mbonu, the outgoing Most beautiful Student In Nigeria (MBSN Democracy) 2012/2013, has just released hot new photos.  The CEO Queen Jasmine Foundation (QJF) will be celebrating her birthday on Sat.1st March 2014 in Abuja, which is also the anniversary day of her foundation which was launched a year ago.

Jasmine has also  been working with seasoned designer Tony Okoye (Ajeh Clothings). Some photos of her shoots with Tony are also below. 

Peep more beautiful photos after the jump:


Jasmine has been around Tony (photos below) for quite a while now modelling and it appears the two are becoming too fund of themselves. Are they becoming more of an item? Who knows? He’s single and she is single and they look so good together.

Jasmine recently appeared on the cover of Muse magazine alongside Praiz in a very interesting interview.


  1. GB how much did she pay you to post all this and even say she nd the guy might be dating? All these wannabes…She ain't got a thing on my beauty of body self. Who cares if she and the dude have something…uhmm dude is cute though, I'll look out for him.

  2. One word,#Make sure u always find yourself doing the right thing #Always!And wen i say 'right' am sure u know what am talking about


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