The outgoing Most Beautiful Student In Nigeria, Queen Jasmine Mbonu was celebrated at the very More Gaga Lounge on the 12th of March 2014, an after birthday party. The high flying Queen celebrated her birthday (which also is the anniversary day of her foundation, Queen Jasmine’s Foundation) on the 1st day of March, only to return to Awka where she was welcomed with a suprise birthday that had few friends and family attending.

Peep all the beautiful photos after the jump:

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  1. She looks fierce! and pretty..Jasmine the sky is your limits, don't listen to these lots, keep working hard as I've already about you, till you reach the desired heights. GBU

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  3. Y is it dat more gaga lounge hardly pays there staff? GB, try tell buchi d boss of gaga lounge to be paying his staffs, cuz without them Almighty gaga now won't be this famous!


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