She keeps winning!

Just yesterday, we revealed to you how former bread seller Olajumoke Orisaguna who’s encounter with Nigerian super photographer, TY Bello and Tinie Tempah has turned her fortune, is set to feature on CNN after her photoshoot with her new modelling agency FEW models was filmed by CNN.

Today, Olajumoke features in arguably the biggest tabloid in the world, The Huffingtonn Post UK in an article they titled: “How To Get A Modelling Contract: Olajumoke Orisaguna Scouted After Accidentally Walking Into Tinie Tempah Photo Shoot“.

In the article, HP narrates her encounter with TY Bello and Tinie Tempah who had also shared her photo on his page…


Another popular tabloid, Buzzfeed also wrote an article on Olajumoke describing the encounter that has brought her fame and now she’s being described as a star…

Read up Buzzfeed’s article on Olajumoke Orisaguna…

The most beautiful part of this story is that everyone is winning, Olajumoke is winning, TY Bello is winning, FEW models is winning and so are the makeup artistes and stylists that have contributed so far…God bless them all..

Olajumoke is set to take over the world guys,..watch this space!

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