Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus has revealed her abusive and mental sufferings in the hands of a certain ex-boyfriend in a new post on her personal blog.

In the write-up meant to encourage ladies in an abusive relationship, the actress writes how she gave her all to make the relationship with all to no avail…

“I gave time, I gave energy, I gave money, I gave respect, I gave submission, I gave love, I gave honor, and I gave everything a woman would, just to make her man feel important and loved. I gave money and everything that comes with making a man stand proud and feel wealthy. I did this so much that even when you ask me a question or want me to appear somewhere I would ask him first or look out for his expression to get approval.” She wrote

The actress who currently resides in Atalanta, in the US with her husband, Daniel Ademinokan, her third relationship, didn’t give a clue who this abusive ex is but she explained how he condemned her saying she was “too controversial to have a Dave man who would love her”.

He says being with a lady like who has kids wasn’t worth it, using strong words like “bitch” on her.

Then it all grew into calling me names at the slightest provocation even though I was not sure of what I did to provoke him. He would say things like “I am doing you a favor by being with you”, “how easy do you think it is to find a single guy like me to date a woman with kids”?, “you are too controversial to have a sane man stay with you”, “the only thing you have going is your career other than that you are not really worth it”.
There were stronger names he called me like BITCH and other curse words he would use, but I would rather not even write them.

However after everything, he always comes back to apologise and she ended up forgiving him because she was in love…

“The worst part in all of this is, after hearing these words over and over again I got used to it and even started thinking that he was right. When he was done insulting me, he would walk up to me and say “see what you made me do, you are the only one who can get me to this point, you know how much I love you so why are you turning me into this monster?”, and yours truly would stupidly start to apologize for making him abuse me mentally. As far as I was concerned at that time, it was strong love and because he loved me madly, him getting upset with me, made me the monster.

As many continue to wonder whom this abusive ex is as she didn’t give a clue… You can read the full narrative on her blog.

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