A video of two South African girls forcefully raping a young boy as surfaced on social media and is currently trending.

The girls who are of the Zulu tribe could be seen forcefully pinning him down and working their way to his manhood while the boy who appeared overpowered tell repeatedly tell them to leave him alone.

The video is reportedly a 6 minutes video but a two minutes plus version surfaced first and you can peep i below.



Raping a man is as bad as raping a woman and should be stopped. We hope the ladies involved are/were caught and dealt with.



Reactions have trailed the video since it surfaced on social media, with many South Africans lamenting the rising cases of male rape in the country, others noted that such cases hardly get press time, unlike female rape.

Reacting to the story, popular social media star Nonzwakazi Dayimani wrote:

“It disgusts me that this is not taken as seriously as it would have been, had it been a woman getting raped by two men.

What else is disgusting is the comments that say men cannot be raped. Anyone who says men can’t be raped must be silly. CONSENT! You must have consent from the other person, if you do not have consent, leave them alone.

There is no such thing as consensual sex. It’s just sex. Because now you’re creating a idea that if there is “consensual sex” then there must be “non-consensual sex” and that is rape. It’s either sex, or rape! Much like you won’t say “Breathing swimming” and “Non-breathing swimming” – My dear, you’re either swimming or you’re drowning.

The worst thing you can hear as a man that just got raped is other men who call you weak. This is one of the reasons men will never find inner peace, you worry about masculinity.

To those who say “He wanted it, why did he get an erection” – an erection can be involuntary. You need to log out and read, before you come here and embarrass yourself.”

While some alleged that the females have been arrested, one man, Mongezi Sonjica, claims he knows the victim’s family.

“From what I gathered, from someone seemingly close to the family, one of the ladies is the dude’s gf, and also the other hand of the dude is paralysed. Apparently he was called under the false pretense that he had to fix the fused globe,” Mongezi Sonjica said.

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  1. I ve never thought that the rape is something as serious as other people think; and I think the same for men as for women; specially when they are using contraceptives.


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