There have been several reports since last month of a mass-firing of married women by Telecom giants, Globacom Ltd. Protest has been going on in Enugu, Lagos and some other states.

Former staff members have alleged that although a few men and single ladies were also let go, married women were the most affected.

An unverified document shared by Twitter user @duchesskk showed that of 97 women sacked by Glo, only 4 were single, while the rest were married.

There have been protests in Enugu and Lagos, with some affected former staff members granting an interview to TVC’s Let’s Talk.

The women have said legal action is being taken to ensure they are compensated for the alleged discrimination.

Glo has refuted the claims that married women were targeted in the mass sack.

In a statement released on its Twitter, the company said both male and female, single and married, were let go. It wrote:

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