• R. Kelly has been accused of sending his nude photos to a 17 year old boy and offering to fly him over to come see him.

Legendary R&B singer and songwriter, R. Kelly has been accused several times of sexually assaulting young women, now he is being accused of targeting young men as well.

According to a Twitter user, the 51-year-old singer asked the 17-year-old boy to come and visit him and even offered to fly him out.

R. Kelly also allegedly sent his nude photos to the boy the Twitter user added.

Peep screenshots shared of his conversations with the teenage boy below:

This new allegation is coming just months after a woman alleged that she had a sexual relationship with R. Kelly when she was an underage.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Jerhonda Pace said she was just 15 when she met her musical idol, outside his child pornography trial. They alleged underage sexual relationship with him that followed and subsequent payouts mirror decades of allegations against the singer.


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